• diy tutorial: sew your own book / e-reader sleeve

    Jasmin June 17, 2020

    I’m certainly not the only reader who likes to take their book(s) and/or e-reader with them to read while on the go. The only problem occurring is often the danger of the book and/or e-reader being thrown around the back and with that: possible damages. The best solution? Book sleeves/pouches/cases/whatever you’d like to call them. There are tons of stores out there in the wild who sew and sell their…

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  • characters i’d like to be my valentine

    Jasmin February 14, 2020

    Happy Valentine’s day to everyone – whether you celebrate it or not. I hope you’re spending your day with a loved one. But if you’re like me (the only relationship I have is a very complicated one with my books, the bed and my refrigerator!),…

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  • my favourite reads from 2019

    Jasmin December 26, 2019

    As 2019 comes to an end and we prepare for the new year, it is time to recap my reading year and see which books I enjoyed most. So without further ado, here’s my list of favourite reads from 2019 (until now, that is. It’s…

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  • literary dishes: date filled ma’moul

    Jasmin January 29, 2019

    Today’s post will be slightly different than anything else on this blog. In lieu of Hafsah Faizal’s upcoming release We Hunt the Flame (May 14th 2019), we (meaning one of the groups of her Street Team) brought a Blog Hop to life. I am extremely…

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  • why it is okay to take a break from blogging

    Jasmin September 26, 2017

    After a somehow longer pause I am now back with a very personal post about blogging. I love to write – about my own thoughts, books and basically everything that crosses my mind. And yes, I also love blogging. But for I time now I…

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