review policy

I am currently not open for any reviews. Please check back later to see if I am open again! Thank you so much for your understanding.

Thank you very much for considering jasmin’s library for reviewing your books! Please take a moment to see if the book you’d like me to review fits my requirements. I will always give my honest opinion on any reviews I feature. Honesty is extremely important to me – I don’t want to recommend books to my readers that I didn’t appreciate myself.

I do review I do not review
MG/YA/NA Contemporary Fiction Horror
MG/YA/NA Contemporary Romance Unclean Romance
MG/YA/NA Dystopian Nonfiction
MG/YA/NA Post Apocalyptic Religious Genres
MG/YA/NA Fantasy
Comic/Graphic Novels
Short Stories
LGBTQ+ Genre

If I didn’t mention a specific genre here, please contact me and let me know! I do accept physical books – preferred – and – although not preferred – I will also accept PDF format or eBooks as long as I’m able to read them on my kindle app. Self published books are also welcome for review! My review format will look something like this and features a picture of the book as well:

A proper quote / excerpt taken from the book.

I won’t write down a simple blurb but instead work on a text that will fit the book as well as covering different things such as plot, pacing, characters (depth and development) and predictability. I will also name the author and whether the book is part of a series or not and to which genre it belongs.

The rating: The system I’ll use will look like this. There are 5 points in total which will be shown in the form of stars. You see, it’s really easy – I promise you that. The more stars – the more I liked the book.

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