NaNoWriMo – Part I (Preparation)

Today’s the last day of October, which means tomorrow starts National Novel Writing Month – better known as NaNoWriMo. Yes, it’s *THAT* time of the year again. I know that among the many readers of us there are also aspiring writers and as such taking part in this event. I am no exception of this – for most of the year my head has been filled with many different stories that want to be spilt on pages. I knew I wanted to write them down one time and with NaNoWriMo in the back of my head I decided, to participate once more. But since I planned it months in advance and technically couldn’t start writing, I started to prepare instead.

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review: the oddling prince by nancy springer

What is a friend? Troth without end.
A light in the eyes, a touch of the hand –
I would follow you even to Death’s dark strand.

A medieval Celtic kingdom – which is normally isolated and has to fear only occasional revolts by one of the vassals – now has to face a bigger threat than ever before. The king is lying on his deathbed, his sickness caused by a mysterious and certainly magical ring, with no hope for rescue. The only chance to save his life seems to be a young man, seemingly not out of this world. The Oddling Prince tells the story of two young men from different worlds with a friendship that defies everything else.

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review: big water by andrea curtis

Thinking about facing one’s fate head on is perfectly fine when it’s theoretical, distant, a glimmer of an idea, not even the idea itself.

A heavily laden ship with flimsy lifeboats and panicked passengers in heavy waters – the perfect foundation for a heart wrenching drama to unfold. Big Water is a fictional portrayal of the real-life story of the only two survivors of the sinking of the SS Asia in 1882.

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my first ever buddy read and what it made me realize – pt. III

Planned as a blog post series of four parts, the buddy read for The Cruel Prince by Holly Black ended somehow different than imagined. Instead of four weeks we all finished the books after only three, but took our time to further discuss it. All in all we did use the four weeks we had planned originally. So I myself took time to write this last post. It will be a bit different from the ones before. I won’t be answering the questions of the catalogue as we did every weekend. Instead I want to talk about the experience of my first buddy read and about the awesome girls I shared it with as well as another planned buddy read!

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