Planned as a blog post series of four parts, the buddy read for The Cruel Prince by Holly Black ended somehow different than imagined. Instead of four weeks we all finished the books after only three, but took our time to further discuss it. All in all we did use the four weeks we had planned originally. So I myself took time to write this last post. It will be a bit different from the ones before. I won’t be answering the questions of the catalogue as we did every weekend. Instead I want to talk about the experience of my first buddy read and about the awesome girls I shared it with as well as another planned buddy read!

The Cruel Prince was a book I had been eyeing after it first popped up on the bookish side of Instagram, but I didn’t buy it right away when it released. Still, I had the book on my mind and got excited as soon as I saw it on someones feed. It was more of a coincidence that I found out about a buddy read that was about to happen — but it sounded amazing from the beginning and I knew that I had to participate in it. That’s how I got to know my fellow readers, who I grew fond of over the last month. They were all amazing and it was a pleasure to discuss the book with them. We had some awesome and funny moments and it was interesting to see how our opinions about the plot, characters and everything else wasn’t that different from each other, but still unique. Our discussions were exactly that — discussions. It was always friendly, never harsh or mean. And I am ever so thankful about that.

So once again, here are my awesome buddy read girls. Every single one of them deserves more attention and maybe some more followers (of course only if you’re willing to. But you won’t regret it!). So thank you girls, for sharing this with me.

Ariana / @solaire_writing
Beatrice / @aspiderpigsreadings
Courtney / @posey_and_print
Frances / @ladybugbooks
Jen / @jenetlemonde
Karina / @karibookreader

It was such a funny experience for all of us, that after finishing The Cruel Prince we decided that we didn’t want to split up — so naturally we started talking about other upcoming books we were excited to read. It didn’t took much time and to set another goal — now we wanted to read The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. We will be starting discussions (and rants) at April 8th so that we have at least a little bit of time to prepare. If you want to, you can join us on this experience! Simply leave a comment here or shoot a message to Ariana (@solaire_writing), who so kindly organizes everything, and we will add you to our group chat!

If you don’t already own this book, you can buy it here:

Paperback via BookDepository* (22% off)
Hardcover via BookDepository*

As always from the bottom of my – take care and stay safe, book dragons!

* affiliate link

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