The bond of our hearts spans miles, memory, and time.

I must say that I have never been particularly interested in history when it was a subject in school. Pushing through historical facts was something I found rather boring. Historical books were also something I never wanted to read and ignored most of the time. But there is a niche that definitely interests me – historical fiction. I just love reading historical stories with a fantasy twist! So, when I heard that Nadine Brandes was re-writing the story of Anastasia Romanov, I was extremely hyped. And I was lucky enough to be part of Nadine’s Street Team and an organised ARC World Tour for Romanov.

Romanov by Nadine BrandesRomanov is such a great re-telling. This book is full of magic, historical facts and undying love between family members. It follows the story of Anastasia Romanov, also known as Nastya – youngest daughter of the last tsar of Russia – and brings it to life. It covers everything from historical facts, intrigue and political schemes but also shows the loving atmosphere between the members of the Romanov family. It is easy to fall in love with Nastya – all of her emotions and flaws are openly written on her sleeve and as a reader, I felt incredibly connected to her as a character.

Without wanting to fill this review with spoilers, Romanov is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions – in the best way possible. Hope and fear, love and loss, excitement and helplessness. All of this is covered by the story and it takes you on an incredible journey. The book was able to really make me crave to get to know the Romanov family even more and more often than not, I wished this story to be the true one – complete with the magic and the ending of the book, which I won’t tell you here.

While most of the first half of the book follows the true story of the Romanov’s – of course with some stretches on the story’s behalf – the second half of the book is what came from Nadine’s imagination. She fills the books with a magical touch and a joy that you can’t find in the original story. It is easy to be swept away in this beautiful retelling and I am in awe of Nadine’s writing skills.

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