Since my shelves are about to break underneath the weight of all the unread books I finally need to sort through them. Seriously. How can it be that there are so many unread books in my dragons cave? I might be ignoring the simple fact that I love to re-read my favourite books instead reading new ones. So after taking a careful look without touching anything – we don’t want to risk me getting buried beneath hundreds of books, right? – I finally found my problem. I do own too many books I always wanted to read but ended up not reading. Still – thanks to my dragon-nature of hoarding books – I’m not ready to give them away because maybe I’m going to read them someday. So to help myself I decided to write down a list of those books – and figure out why I never read them. Still not sure if I can give them away, tho.

The Circle by Dave Eggers

I honestly don’t know what is happening with this one. I had it on my wishlist for years and as soon as I bought it, its destiny was sealed. I put in on the shelf without further thinking. A few times I tried to wrap my mind around it but I never got over the first page. The reviews I read were mixed and that might be one of the reasons. I don’t know if I’ll read this someday but for now it will sit on my shelf waiting.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

This is a strange one – I actually loved the first book and anticipated the second book real hard. But as soon as it was published and I bought it, my interest seemed to falter. I don’t think that I did not want to read it – I’m quite sure there were just other books that seemed more interesting at the moment. Now with the third book of the Red Queen series out, I’m thinking about re-reading the first one so I can experience the magic once again. Maybe that’s how Glass Sword will finally vanish from my tbr pile and gets a space on my read shelves.

Unravel Me / Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

These are another case of “Jasmin buys the whole trilogy but only reads the first book”. Yes, I definitely ashamed of that. I ordered the three books and just read Shatter Me. And well, what can I say? I actually enjoyed it. So why the hell did I never finish this series? I simply don’t know – besides the fact that I got two different editions and it bothers me every time I’m walking past my shelf. I think about re-reading Shatter Me so I can finally read books two and three since I heard many wonderful things about this series. Let’s see how this will work out!

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Oh how I adored the Mortal Instruments when I was younger. I read the books in German but lost the interest when I finally started reading in English – like, really reading in English. Not just for classes. I abandoned that great series and never got to finish it. But I purchased City of Bones in English a while ago and I hope to discover the world of the shadowhunters once again and finish the Mortal Instruments as well as starting the Infernal Devices. Wish me luck!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Is this considered to be classic? I don’t know, but I always wanted to read it. Now that I know I haven’t, I’m not quite sure whether it is my kind of book. I also heard many great things and I’m always trying to give it a try. But still I keep on putting it back in my shelf without reading it. I really hope my mind will someday say “READ IT” and I will be listening.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Yes, this is also a shame. I own this beautiful edition of the book and I loved the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Still I started the book more than one time but couldn’t bring myself to move further on. But as I’m writing it, I’m getting more and more interested in finally reading it! The story is so great and wonderful that I don’t want to resist anymore. I’ll put in on my list for reading this month or the next. Stop shaking your head, my list for March is already so full and I don’t know how much I’ll manage!

And this was just the beginning. As I’m searching through my shelves I just want to cry. I’m a horrible hoarder. That’s it. But since I’m reading a lot at the moment – considering how hard work and other things are at the moment – I’m optimistic that I will read some of them in the future. Let’s just hope I won’t buy more books I want to have but end up not reading them.

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