Well, as bookworms – or bookdragons, as I prefer to say – we all know those typical problems that come with having too many books. Okay, this one is a lie because one can never have too many books. All there is is not enough books! But what I actually want to say is – I am not the only one with those absolutely – more or less – ridiculous problems, right? You know the feel!

Mom, Dad? I need a new bookshelf … again! Well, this is the biggest problem I have to deal with. My daily reminder of my obsession with books are definitely my bookshelves. I’m whining for months now that I need a new shelf as soon as possible. But let me tell you – I simply cannot buy another one. My flat IS TOO SMALL. I have literally no space left for another shelf as small as it might be. So what do I do? I’m moving into a bigger flat. Obviously not just because of the shelves. This is a massive lie! Shelves are a coherent concern when it comes to books.

Am I crying? No, you’re crying! Emotions are very tricky to deal with. Especially when it comes to reading heart-breaking books. In public. Where everyone can see you. No, I’m not crying, you are crying. But you get it, don’t you? reading an emotional book in public can be embarrassing. But lets raise our heads and stand to our feelings! Yes, we do cry about our beloved fictional characters. And sometimes we might also scream at them. But that’s fine. Unless you’re sitting in a public and there comes an erotic scene out of nowhere. Then it’s okay to blush and shut the book. Not that I know what I’m talking about … *thinks about ACOMAF*

I like to party. And by party I mean read books. Ahem, this is me. I’m absolutely not the girl for partying. I’d rather sit in my bed and read all night long. Sure, I do have my friends – and yes, some of them are real – and I love hanging out with them. But more often than not some of them are threatening me to take my books and throw them away. Barbarians. But they simply don’t understand why reading is much better than going out.

What do you mean by “they’re not real”? How often have you heard that fictional characters aren’t real? Uhm, sorry? If my love – or hate in retrospect – form them is real then are, too. I mean, have you never ever imagined how your favourite character looks like? how he moves or talks or smells? The way he speaks or laughs? What he would do in a certain situation? They might be book characters but sometimes they feel closer and more real than some of my friends.

What do you mean by “you cannot bring a book”? I don’t know how often I’ve heard this sentence out of my parents mouths. Whether it is an absolute lame birthday party of some family member I don’t even know or going to a restaurant with them. They say it’s inadequate to take a book with me there. I am sorry? How can there be a place where a book, a piece of art, is inadequate or not allowed? Okay, I get it. A funeral might be the wrong place for reading, but the rest? You know how boring parties can be – especially if you don’t even want to be there! Or the restaurant where everyone talks about things that you can’t talk about while waiting for their food. Books are adequate to bring, don’t let you tell otherwise!

Book Depression This, my friends, is an actual thing. It’s the feeling when you finish a great book – or even worse – a great series and you know exactly that there won’t be more. That the cycle is finished and all you can to is re-read the book until it is torn apart because to too much use. Lets just hope that the latter won’t happen. Or at least you have enough copies to keep on reading.

Don’t you already have this book? This is something I only recently discovered for myself. Buying the same books more than one time – because of different editions! Of course I hate the feeling when the books in a series don’t work with each other. For example I own half of The raven Cycle as paperbacks and the other half as hardcovers. As soon as my wallet is about to die I will buy the other two paperbacks and the other two hardcovers. Because they have to be together with their significant others. I’m crazy like that. But when I bought Caraval some weeks ago, I purchased the US edition. And two weeks ago I went to Prague and this beautiful bookstore had the mesmerizing UK edition. So … my sister only looked at me in a disdainful manner and asked “you’re going to sell one of those, aren’t you?”. Sorry honey, but no. I need both of them. To survive. That’s it.

Authors are from the deepest pit of hell. Have you ever considered an author as a human being? If you’d ask me, I’d say that they’re demons. Demons who want to rip us apart and kill us with words. Not kindness. Especially not kindness. How can authors be so cruel and kill off the characters we love? Or worse – make us hate them? Sarah J. Maas is the queen of them all. And I’m 99.9% sure that she feeds on poor fangirl and fanboy souls by pulling them into her series of books. So listen closely – run if you can. Don’t let her catch you, too. Run and leave me behind. It’s to late for me. I’m not being overdramatic here.

Please ignore my tbr pile. I don’t have enough books. Ahahahaha, enough books? Are you dreaming? One can never have enough books. I’m serious. Dead end serious. Don’t you dare to shake your head there! I know exactly that you have a lot of books marked as “to read”. And what is this? some new bookish mail? And that book in your bag hasn’t been there this morning. But you’re not alone, my friend. My to be read pile gets bigger and bigger and still my wishlist for books expands as fast as the universe did at some point. I simply need more books. Like I need air to breathe. Don’t ever tell me that I have enough books. Have you had enough air now? Because I’m going to smash a book in your face if you keep on saying that. I’ll do it kindly. But only because I don’t want to hurt my precious books.

I figured out the plot twist. You can call me Sherlock from now on. Or Moriarty, if it fits you better. I’m definitely Moriarty. BUT that’s not the point. Nothing feels better than figuring out a plot twist before it’s going to happen. Nothing feels worse than figuring out a plot twist before it’s going to happen. First you’re like really proud of yourself because hey – your mind is doing great things. But then you’re just like “I knew it.” Wonderful. What to do now? You figured it out and now it isn’t as interesting as before? It might depend on the book and how obvious said plot twist is. So – keep your head high and keep on reading. You never now what might happen.

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