December 17, 2016
After joining #bookstagram a few months ago, I decided real fast that I needed a bigger space to share my love for books. I knew that I needed a blog where I could talk and rant about my feelings as well as share my emotions with other people around the world. WordPress seemed just fine to me and so I started to design a page that fulfilled my wishes. The procrastinator I am, I needed some time (well, more like almost a year to be exact) before finally being able to build something I liked.

Because I figured that I couldn’t just start with a book review or something else, I settled on a short introduction about myself. so, if you’re reading this you seem to be interested in me.

My name is Jasmin and I’m currently 22 years old. I have always been an avid reader and even as a kid I found nothing better than grabbing a book and dive right into the story. Speaking of that, I am a person that loves some time for herself. I do adore my friends and enjoy spending days with them, but then and now I need some space for myself to curl up in bed to explore new worlds. As said before I discovered the magical world of bookstagram a few months ago and started my account @writingsfromhell. To be fair – I haven’t posted in a while. One reason is that I started a new job where I should be working 42 hrs/week while actually working a lot more than that. The other reason is that I found myself in some state where I had no creativity at all. I love photography but I found myself hating my feed and the pictures I took. In the last month I tried to discover myself and my style and now it seems that I might have found exactly that.

Maybe this is also why I started my blog now. I want to take you on a journey through my books and my world. So please, be my guest and take my hand. Thank you for deciding to join me.

Love, Jasmin

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